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Too much of this results in New year hangoverA
Worn on heads at EasterB
A _______ Brown ChristmasC
The Little _______ BoyD
Lord's _______ Meal - Jehovah's WitnessE
Elf actorF
Wreath of seasonal flowers or Oz actressG
L. Ron _______ birthday - ScientologyH
Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr: _______ holidaysI
Navapad Oli and Paryusana religionJ
African-American harvest festivalK
Jack o'_______L
Their special day was first celebrated in 1908M
Parinirvana Day or _______ Day (Buddhism)N
Columbus Day falls in this monthO
March 17 saintP
Religion that celebrates a 'low-key' ChristmasQ
He had a very shiny noseR
Charles Dickens' Christmas baddyS
The night before Epiphany: _______ NightT
Worn by servicemen on Veterans DayU
Popular Halloween costumeV
What shepherds did to their flocks at nightW
Christmas gift: starts and ends in 'x' (2 words)X
Gut Yontiff languageY
October 24 : ______'_ Independence dayZ

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