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Which Dwarf ...Dwarf
is the only beardless dwarf?
apart from Dopey wasn't originally considered?
was the last-minute replacement for 'Deefy'?
is mute?
has a stammer?
is only dwarf name not mentioned in Shakespeare?
is the only Dwarf not kissed by Snow White?
swallows a bar of soap?
has the longest beard?
has the biggest nose?
Which Dwarf ...Dwarf
is the fattest?
is the 'Leader'?
locks up the diamond mine?
has long eyelashes?
is the first to be kissed by Snow White?
has hay fever?
is the only foster brother?
is often bothered by the pesky fly?
places his bouquet in Snow White's 'dead' arms?
sleeps in a cupboard?

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Created Jan 28, 2012ReportNominate
Tags:dwarf, Seven Dwarfs, snow, white

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