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Can you name the 790s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Alcuin, _____-Saxon missionaryA
The ______ of BornhövedB
_______, Pepin and Louis (Charlemagne's sons)C
Lu Mai, chancellor of the Tang _______D
_____, Kent and Sussex allianceE
The Council of _________, GermanyF
Ashot I Kurapalate, _____ Duke of KartliG
The Avar Khaganate (modern-day _______)H
Iona (_____ Hebrides)I
Hisham I calls for a _____ ('Holy War')J
_____ becomes the Japanese capitalK
Alfonso II sacks ______ (modern Portugal)L
Osred II exiled to the Isle of ___M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Alfonso II of Asturias (________ Spain)N
150-mile long ____'s DykeO
____ Leo IIIP
_____ FastradaQ
Baghdad: financial center of the Silk ____R
_____ Cuthbert's monasteryS
Tō-ji, a Shingon Buddhist ______ erectedT
Cathal mac Murchadh of __ Maine (Hy Many)U
_______ raid LindisfarneV
The Frisian–Frankish ___W
General Zhang _________X
Ælfwald I leaves sanctuary of ___ MinisterY
The Spanish March buffer ____Z

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