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Can you name the 780s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Irene of ______ (Greece)A
Alchmund, ______ of HexhamB
The Second _______ of NicaeaC
Maurizio Galbaio,____ of VeniceD
Charlemagne crosses the ____ RiverE
City of ___ (modern Morocco) foundedF
The _____ Mosque of CórdobaG
Death penalty for self-appointed witch-_______H
The ____ Crown of LombardyI
Famine in Nagaoka-kyō (_____)J
____ Pippin IIIK
Khun Lo, founder of Luang Prabang (____)L
Oldest recorded eruption of _____ FujiM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Korea (_____ South States Period)N
Eadburh, daughter of ____ of MerciaO
Abbey of St. Denis (near _____)P
_____ FastradaQ
Duchy of ____ is expanded (Italy)R
Walburgis, Anglo-_____ abbessS
Borobudur: Buddhist ______ complexT
Alberik I, bishop of _______U
Salim Yunisi: governor of the Indus ______V
Hildegard, ____ of CharlemagneW
780 (DCCL___)X
Charles the _______Y
Mazu Daoyi, Chinese ___ Buddhist monkZ

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