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Can you name the 770s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Walburgis, _____-Saxon abbessA
The ______ of Roncevaux PassB
Increased radiocarbon in South _____ SeaC
King Sigfred of _______D
Canal of the Pharaohs closure (_____)E
Karel, the Great of all ______F
Charles the _____ (Charlemagne)G
Adrian I (also referred to as _______)H
Khongtekcha of Manipur (modern _____)I
Empress Kōken of _____J
Kim Daeseong of _____K
Cities of Verona and Mortara, ________ (Italy)L
Benedictine _____ of Fulda AbbeyM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Carloman I dies of a ____bleedN
____ 'King of All England'O
____ Stephen IIIP
Desiderius marches on ____R
Relics of _____ Boniface carried to safetyS
Yan and ____ DynastiesT
Cennselach mac Brain of __ CeinnselaigU
Franks pursue Saxons up the Lahn ______V
Brochfael ap Elisedd, of Powys (_____)W
General Zhu _____X
Alhred driven from his capital at ____ Y
Introduction of the number ____ in BaghdadZ

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