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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Stephen II crosses over the ____ to GaulA
Friezen murders ______ BonifaceB
Bishop of Lindisfarne imprisoned at Bamburgh ______C
Pope Stephen II is Pope for four ____D
Yang Guifei strangled by the ______ Gao LishiE
Basilica of Saint-Denis, Paris (______)F
The _____ Buddha at Tōdai-ji completedG
Aistulf dies in a _______ accidentH
Duke of Spoleto (Central _____)I
Tanabata festival introduced to _____J
Bulguksa and Seokguram temples (South _____)K
__ Tan, prince of the Tang dynastyL
Chang'an has a population of two _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Staraja Ladoga (_____ Russia) foundedN
English 'Winter' _______ 1 - February 26 O
First _____ mill in the Islamic worldP
The Pact of _______Q
The town Slaný (Czech ________) foundedR
Pepin III lays _____ to NarbonneS
Sugar used in 'foul-tasting herbal ___'T
Eoban is appointed bishop of _______U
Galla Gaulo loses ducal throne of ______V
King Cuthred of ______(England)W
Emperor ____ ZongX
Oswulf abdicates and enters ____ cathedralY
Pope _______Z

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