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Can you name the 740s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Benedictine _____ of FuldaA
________ temples building decree (Japan)B
Cuthbert becomes archbishop of __________ (UK)C
Chavda _______ established in GujaratD
An __________ strikes ConstantinopleE
Yang Guifei one of 'The ____ Great Beauties'F
Saint _______ III dies in RomeG
The '____ Face of Lucca' crucifix H
Constantine V reforms old ________ guardI
The Khazars convert to _______J
___ Liutprand of the LombardsK
Lombard laws written in _____L
Pepin the Short _______ Bertrada of LaonM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Eadberht of _____umbria (UK)N
Stephen IV: ________ patriarch of Antioch O
Bubonic ______ in Asia MinorP
_____ Æthelburg of WessexQ
Hunald retires to the Île de __ monastry R
_____ export by Christians to heathens prohibitedS
Nasr imposes poll ___ on non-MuslimsT
Hildeprand the ___less U
Orso Ipato, third doge of ______V
Kōmyō: the ____ of Emperor ShōmuW
Emperor ____ ZongX
____ Minster Church is destroyed by fireY
Pope _______Z

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