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Can you name the 730s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Boniface, _____-Saxon missionaryA
The Venerable ____B
Ceolwulf abdicates in favour of his ______C
Orso Ipato, ____ of VeniceD
Byzantine _______ Leo IIIE
Charles Martel Prince of the ______F
The _____ Berber RevoltG
___ cultivation in the Hallertau (Germany)H
Caintigern, _____-born hermitI
A smallpox epidemic starts in _____J
Æthelbald: 'Rex Britanniae' (____ of Britain)K
Boniface made papal ______ of RomeL
__, king of Balhae (Korea)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Province of Ifriqiya (_____ Africa)N
Fortress city of _______ (France)O
Muslim army crosses the ________ mountainsP
______ SwanachildQ
Charles Martel leads Loire _____ raidsR
Robert: Patron ______ of PilgrimsS
Umayyad baggage ______ captureT
Willibrord first bishop of _______U
_____ occults JupiterV
The Arab–Khazar ___W
Emperor ____ ZongX
Ecgbert first archbishop of ____Y
Ho-tse Shen-hui, ___ teacherZ

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