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Can you name the 720s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Stone church built at Glastonbury _____A
Eadfrith, ______ of LindisfarneB
_______ Martel flees from bishop WillibrordC
The Reckoning of Time (__ temporum ratione)D
Chinese '______ sticks' introduced to JapanE
Chilperic II, ruler of the ______F
Pope _______ IIG
Japanese nobility ______ must have green tiles H
Egbertus dies on the ______ of IonaI
____ of Beverley made bishop of YorkJ
Fogartach mac Néill ____ of IrelandK
Byzantine Empire: ___ IIIL
Yi Xing, Chinese Buddhist ____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
City of Kathmandu founded (_____)N
___ of Aquitaine defeats the MoorsO
Foundation of the _____ States (Italy)P
_____ Æthelburg of WessexQ
Ine makes a pilgrimage to ____R
First annual ____ tournament in JapanS
Boniface fells Thor's Oak (a sacred ____)T
Caliph ____ II is poisonedU
Ardo, king of the _________V
The ____ Saxons are defeatedW
General ___ NeX
Two ____-old Constantine V marries TzitzakY
General Tariq ibn _____Z

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