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Can you name the 710s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Tewkesbury _____ foundedA
Philippicus is _______ and exiledB
Frankish _____ war endsC
Marcello Tegalliano second ____ of VeniceD
Syrian __________ destroys many buildingsE
Chang'an annual Lantern ________F
Pope _______ IIG
Saint ____ of ChampagneH
Bavarian ____ crownI
The Kojiki, a history of _____ is completedJ
King Dae Jo-yeong of Balhae (_____)K
Æthelbald gains hegemony over ______ (England)L
St. ____'s Church (Istanbul)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Boniface visits Frisia (modern-day ___________)N
____ and Doddo (brothers)O
Pippin II ______ of FranceP
_____ Cuthburh of NorthumbriaQ
Madara Rider (medieval ____ relief) carvedR
The _____ of Constantinople beginsS
Chang'an Palace ___-of-warT
Samarkand (modern day __________) conqueredU
The _______ of Thera eruptsV
Al-Aqsa Mosque finished (made of ____)W
Chancellor ___ NeX
Grimoald the _______Y
Publication of Kaiyuan __ BaoZ

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