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Can you name the 670s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
King Dagobert II of _________A
Arbogast, ______ of StrasbourgB
St. Ambrogio's ______ (Milan)C
Lupus I, ____ of AquitaineD
_______ Tenji introduces a water clockE
Mayor of the Palace, Pepin the ___F
_____ windows are placed in English churchesG
Breedon on the ____ monastery foundedH
Rhodes, Cos and Chios _______ conqueredI
Princess Ōku of _____J
Geumjeong-gu (modern South _____)K
__ Chunfeng, mathematician and historian L
Great ______ of Uqba builtM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Chlothar III: Roi fainéant, 'do-_______ king'N
Recceswinth, king __ the VisigothsO
Chlothar III, the ______ King of NeustriaP
Æthelthryth, former _____ of NorthumbriaQ
Oswiu dies during a pilgrimage to ____R
Arab fleet enters the ___ of MarmaraS
Tridu Songtsen, emperor of _____ (Asia)T
Kōbun is succeeded by his _____ ŌamaU
Pope ________V
Cenwalh succeeded by his _____ SeaxburhW
Wang Bo writes Tengwang Ge __X
Wilfrid, bishop of ____Y
Nanyue Huairang ___ Buddhist patriarchZ

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