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Can you name the 660s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
_____of St. Vaast in Arras is foundedA
Emperor Constans II assassinated in his ____B
Fourth _______ of Toledo takes placeC
Felix, ____ of Vasconia and AquitaineD
Dumnonia (South West _______)E
Patrikios ('_____ patrician') MezeziusF
Kubrat, ruler (khagan) of _____ BulgariaG
_________ and Tiberius: co-emperorsH
Oderzo (Northern _____) destroyedI
Imperial fleet of _____ invades KyūshūJ
Seongnam (South _____) renamed HansanjuK
Cedd, bishop of ______L
Maximus the Confessor, Christian ____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Oswiu of _____umbria invades Pictland N
Prince Naka no __ no ŌjiO
Brief outbreak of ______ hits BritainP
_____ regent BalthildQ
The Daysan _____ floods EdessaR
Conall Crandomna of Dál Riata (________)S
The ____ DynastyT
Poltava (modern _______)U
Pope ________V
__ ZetianW
Chancellor ___ MaojiangX
General Kim __-shinY
Emperor Gao ____Z

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