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Can you name the 630s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Dagobert I, king of _________A
Yao Silian writes the ____ of LiangB
The Fourth _______ of ToledoC
Fatimah, the ________ of MuhammadD
Origin of Persian ___ (epoch) [Yezdegird]E
Domnall's _____ destroy naval force of Dál RiataF
Li Chung Feng builds a celestial _____G
New well dug for the ____ (Islamic pilgrimage)H
The Battle of ____ bridgeI
True Cross returned to _________J
King Eadbald of ____ (England)K
Potala Palace, _____ (Tibet)L
Muhammad dies at ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Lindisfarne monastery, ___________N
____ Trätälja of SwedenO
____ Honorius IP
Book of Northern __ compiledQ
Xuanzang crosses the Indus _____R
Cathedral of _____ Maria AssuntaS
Beirut and ____ captured (Lebanon)T
Osric succeeds his ______ EdwinU
Suintila, king of the _________V
Rayhana, slave and ____ of MuhammadW
The ____ Pagoda of Zhengding is builtX
Edwin re-fortifies the city walls of ____Y
Heraclius creates his buffer ____Z

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