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Can you name the 620s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Justus: __________ of CanterburyA
Pope ________ VB
Irish bishop, Finbarr of ____C
Tai Zong of the Tang _______D
_________ (Scotland) is foundedE
Eorpwald succeeds his ______ RædwaldF
Weltenburg Abbey in Bavaria (_______) G
Byzantine Emperor _________H
Edwin invades the ____ of ManI
Suiko, empress of _____J
____ Khosrau IIK
__ Yuan (later Emperor Gaozu)L
Mohammed flees _____ to MedinaM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Isra and Miraj (The _____ Journey)N
The Angles invade Rheged (___ North)O
Shariah forbid eating ____, donkey and other fleshP
____ Mosque (first mosque of Islam)Q
Heraclius crosses the Great Zab _____R
The _____ of ConstantinopleS
The ______ of Hudaybiyyah is signedT
Shahrbaraz ______ throne of Ardashir III U
Church of the ______ MaryV
Cadfan of Gwynedd (_____)W
Rebel leader __ YuanlangX
St Peter's School, ____ foundedY
Emperor Gao __Z

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