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Can you name the 610s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Mount Hira, Mecca (Saudi ______) A
Pope ________ IVB
The ______ of the Holy ApostlesC
Gisulf II, Lombard ____ of FriuliD
Heraclius the _____E
The ____ Gates of PagodaF
Shahin's 1,000 talents of ____ and silver tributeG
Brunhilda dragged to death behind a wild _____H
Muhammad, _______ prophetI
____ V (the Merciful)J
Emperor Yángdi invades Goguryeo (_____)K
Coronation of Chinese governor __ Yuān L
Aj Ne' Yohl Mat, ____ state Queen (Mexico)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Heraclius marries his _____ MartinaN
Shroud of ______ arrives in SpainO
The ________ besiege AlexandriaP
Laylat al-____ (Night of Power)Q
Pope Adeodatus I dies in ____R
Chinese calendar: ___ and moon motionS
___ people killed by meteorite (China)T
Cwichelm of ______ WessexU
Kama Bulghar (or _____) riverV
Civil ___ begins in MedinaW
___ Ju, emperor of QinX
____ that didn't happen (Phantom time hypothesis)Y
Yuan Humo, empress of Northern ____Z

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