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Can you name the 600s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Schuttern _____ is foundedA
Pope ________ IIIB
Sæbert converts to ____________C
Yángdi, second emperor of the Sui _______D
_____'s population reaches about 208 millionE
Maurice: 'My ______ and father' (Khosrau II)F
Yángdi completes the _____ CanalG
Recorded passage of ______'s CometH
Paterius, bishop of Brescia, _____I
Sumatra and ____ convert to BuddhismJ
Liuva II, ____ of the VisigothsK
Early or Anterior __ DynastyL
Pacal II ruler of the ____ (Mexico)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Hopewell tradition (_____ America) endsN
Damian, Coptic ________ PatriarchO
St. ____'s Cathedral foundedP
_____ Brunhilda of AustrasiaQ
Column of Phocas at ____R
Ingvar of ______ invades EstoniaS
Byzantine fortress of Dara (______)T
Brandub mac Echach, of __ CeinnselaigU
Loma Caldera _______ eruptsV
Smallpox arrives in _______ EuropeW
Vąn ____ (North Vietnam)X
Pope endorses 'God bless ___' for a sneezeY
Shenxiu, Chinese ___ Buddhist patriarchZ

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