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Gabriel or MichaelA
Persian monotheistic religionB
Christian symbolC
Ancient Celtic priestD
Senior religious figure E
Vulcan: Roman god of fire and _____F
Father, son and holy _____G
Falcon-headed Egyptian godH
Religion, founded by MuhammadI
He betrayed JesusJ
Book of the Old TestamentK
Dominus vobiscum or Beati pacificiL
Biblical oil of holy ointmentM
Seventh book of the 12 minor prophetsN
Also known as a spirit boardO
Sacred song or hymnP
Muslim holy bookQ
Leader of a Jewish synagogueR
Jewish Passover serviceS
First 5 books Old TestamentT
Name of eight popesU
Goddess of loveV
Deadly sinW
Galician form of JesusX
Brigham _____: Latter Day SaintY
One of the Five Pillars of IslamZ

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