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Horses, donkeys and _____A
Kazakh journalist: _____ SagdiyevB
Why did the chicken _____ the road?C
George Carlin's Seven _____ WordsD
Izzard or MurphyE
Fanny Brice: _____ GirlF
Sitcom: The Golden _____G
Will Smith romantic comedyH
Use of opposite words in order to be funnyI
Seinfeld or LewisJ
_____, _____. Who's there?K
US comedy-drama series: 2010 – L
_____ Joseph 'Joe' QuimbyM
Diminutive form of the name NorbertN
U.S. Satirical magazine: The _____O
'The royal _____ is clean, your Highness!'P
Witty or funny commentsQ
_____ WilliamsR
Lively, bold and a little feistyS
_____ or treatT
_____ Class Twit of the Year (Monty Python)U
Johnny _____ or Las _____V
Movie: Free _____ (1993)W
Here's a joke you've never _____ here beforeX
Sitcom: _____ & HungryY
Erogenous _____Z

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