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Plant a tree on _____ dayA
The Easter _____B
Buddy the Elf food groupC
St. _____'s Day: March 1D
April 22: _____ dayE
Winter visitor: Jack _____F
Popular Halloween costumeG
Traditional Christmas plantH
Babbo Natale countryI
____-_'- LanternJ
We Three _____K
_____ day: first Monday in Sept (US)L
Shrove Tuesday/_____ GrasM
Which pole Santa lives atN
Christmas Eve: _____ by Rimsky-KorsakovO
Jewish spring festivalP
Ecuador: independence of _____ day (Aug 10)Q
Traditional Valentine flowersR
_____ Valentine of RomeS
Trick or _____T
_____ the mistletoeU
One of Santa's reindeerV
I'm dreaming of a _____ ChristmasW
_____ your party invitations !X
New ____'_ eveY
What naughty children deserve at XmasZ

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