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Can you name the 570s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Wuffa: first king of East ______A
Pope ________ IB
Justinian raids across the _______ SeaC
Leutfred: ____ of AlemanniaD
_______ Jing Di, age 6E
Lombards are defeated by the ______F
_______ of Tours: bishop of ToursG
Yuwen __ (Sabao)H
Conquest of Tuscany (Central _____)I
Kongō Gumi founded Osaka (_____)J
Theodoric ____ of BerniciaK
Baduarius, son-in-___ of Justin IIL
Muhammad is born in _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
_______ and Suffolk dividedN
Saxons ______ Cirencester, Gloucester and BathO
Saint Germain, bishop of _____P
He Shikai, high official of Northern __Q
John III dies at in the city of ____R
Pinewood impregnated with ______ (matches)S
Heavy _____ levied by Chilperic IT
Panticapaeum (_______) beseigedU
_________ invade Spania V
Byzantine–Sassanid ___W
Prince ____ ZhuangX
____ of the ElephantY
Northern Dynasties conquered by Northern ____Z

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