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Can you name the 550s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Theudebald, king of _________A
The ______ of the VolturnusB
Origin of Armenian ________ (30 day months)C
Frankish army infected by _________D
Justinian I receives first silkworm ____E
Byzantine _____ (50 warships) are victoriousF
King Erb of _____, WalesG
Dome of the _____ Sophia collapsesH
Lombard migration to _____I
Buddhism is introduced in _____J
Successful human flight: a manned ____K
_____ Dynasty, ChinaL
Abraham of Kratia (Christian ____)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Jiming Temple in _______, ChinaN
Fortress city of ___ Sarum capturedO
____ Pelagius IP
_____ Dugu of Northern ZhouQ
Zabergan crosses the _____ DanubeR
______ Council of ConstantinopleS
Beirut destroyed by earthquake and _______T
Wen Di succeeds his _____U
Agila king of the _________V
Gothic ___ (535-552)W
Wen ____ DiX
Ostrogothic Kingdom ends after sixty _____Y
____ given a numeral representation Z

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