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Can you name the 530s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Aqua Virgo ________ is destroyedA
Vigor, ______ of BayeuxB
Famine caused by global ____ failureC
Northern Wei _______ endsD
_______ and Western WeiE
_____ revision of the Codex JustinianusF
Blue and _____ chariot racing factionsG
Little _____ Sophia is inauguratedH
Burgundians recapture Mediolanum, Milan, _____I
Pope ____ IIJ
General Mundus ______ in battleK
Marcellinus Comes _____ (language) chroniclerL
Brendan allegedly climbs _____ BrandonM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Battle of Ad Decimium, Carthage, _____ AfricaN
Third Council of _______ (France)O
____ SilveriusP
_____ Bertha of KentQ
The Ostrogoths end their siege of ____R
Belisarius crosses the ______ of MessinaS
Caput Vada (modern _______)T
Walthari murders his _____ WachoU
Belisarius defeats the _______V
Cynric becomes king of ______W
__ Mian, official of the Liang DynastyX
__-Wen TaiY
Emperor Xiao ______ DiZ

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