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Can you name the 500s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Ernakh, third son of ______ the HunA
The ____ of Song is writtenB
Roman ________ burials endC
Liang _______ is founded by Xiao YanD
Colosseum suffers __________ damageE
Clovis I first Catholic king of the ______F
Theodoric the _____G
Emperor Qi __ DiH
Lughaid mac Loeguire of _______I
Keitai 26th emperor of _____J
____ Godegisel of BurgundyK
Rusticus, archbishop of ____, FranceL
Hermanafrid _______ AmalabergaM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Emperors of the _______ WeiN
John I, Coptic ________ patriarchO
Narsai, Syrian ____ and theologianP
He Di of the Southern __Q
England's ______ frozen for over two monthsR
Fergus Mór of Dál Riata (________)S
Ulfilas's ___________ of the Bible writtenT
Anastasius I gains _____-hand in ArmeniaU
The _________ capture the city of DertosaV
The Anastasian ____ is builtW
Prince Yuan ___X
__, empress of Northern WeiY
Chinese mathematician __ ChongzhiZ

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