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____-hero or ____-climaxA
Pole carrying an overhead microphoneB
Actors who make up a filmC
First James Bond movieD
Assemble shots into a coherent sequenceE
Francis ____ CoppolaF
Person who builds the set for a movieG
At my signal, unleash ___H
Acronym for Image MaximumI
Steven Spielberg 1975 movieJ
Charles Foster ____K
Cool Hand ___L
Astor or PoppinsM
1994 Jodie Foster movieN
Clive ____ or ____ WilsonO
The movie's storylineP
John Turturro: ____ ShowQ
Cylinder, spool, or frameR
Keira Knightley 2007 movieS
Jeff Bridges science fiction movieT
Once ____ a Time in AmericaU
____ Versa or Miami ____V
Mr. DisneyW
Marvel Comics superhero teamX
Legendary Jedi MasterY
Movie depicting the Battle of Rorke's DriftZ

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