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Having or showing a keen interestA
Lacking hairB
Pen in which poultry is keptC
Unpleasantly damp and coldD
Circular movement of waterE
Prolonged and bitter quarrelF
Provoke or annoy (someone)G
Religious song or poemH
2.54 cmI
Young kangarooJ
Acquaintances, friends, neighborsK
Strike or beat with a whipL
Unable to speakM
Slender-bodied amphibianN
Kiln used for drying hopsO
White tissue lining the rind of orangesP
One pound sterling (£)Q
Ridge of rocks, sand, or coralR
Saturate with waterS
Soya beans used in vegetarian cookeryT
Chief solid component of peeU
Offer items for saleV
Supporter of the U.S. RevolutionW
Covered garden walk (ancient Rome)X
University in ConnecticutY
Move along very quicklyZ

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