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Road Runner: ____ CorporationA
Brass instrument: Sack-____B
'I ____ bigger than you.' City SlickersC
Andy ____ or ____ Van DykeD
____ CartmanE
Sitcom: ____ HouseF
Behave in a silly or playful wayG
Santa's deep-throated laughH
Eric: Monty Python memberI
Story with a funny punchlineJ
A real ____ slapperK
Sitcom: The ____ Man on EarthL
`Hawkeye' and `Hot Lips' TV showM
Almonds, Cashews or PecansN
Sitcom: ____ Fools and Horses ....O
Swab the ____ deck!P
Play a Sporcle ____Q
Cut of beef from behind the loinR
Sitcom: That '70s ____S
Animated kid's showT
____ Betty or ____ Bug BallU
HBO political comedyV
Sitcom: ____ and GraceW
Rogue is a member (Rascal isn't)X
Weird Al ____ovicY
American stand-up: GalifianakisZ

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