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European mountain rangeA
Land alongside a riverB
Natural underground chamberC
Mound or ridge of sandD
Compass directionE
Shallow area in a streamF
Sea inlet surrounded by landG
Elevation in the landscapeH
Small islandI
Island in IndonesiaJ
Islands off the Florida coastK
Body of fresh or salt waterL
Isolated flat-topped hillM
Tide, midway between spring tidesN
Norway's capital cityO
Organic material found in a marshP
Low-lying land that sinks underfootQ
Water drops condensed from vaporR
Material deposited by running waterS
Human settlement larger than a villageT
Western U.S. stateU
Opening at the earth's surfaceV
Dry channel (except in the rainy season)W
Capital of Shaanxi ProvinceX
____ (South) - Slavia (Land of the Slavs)Y
Region or area characterized as differentZ

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