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Can you name the ten four-letter countries contained in the word ladder?

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Four letter country
Four letter country
Husks of cereal grain
Spoiled child
Vessel that travels on water
A sleeved outer garment
Talk informally
Four letter country
A man, lad or fellow
Cut with an axe
Chicken enclosure
Moderately cold
Device, such as a saw
Payment for a road or a bridge
Plow the land
To occupy to the full capacity
Irish Poet or 'Hobbit' dwarf
Four letter country
**** the Peke (Disney Character)
High pitched military flute
Discharge a weapon
Golfer's warning cry
Stab with a horn or tusk
Richard **** (actor)
A bacterium or virus
A series of waves in the hair
Four letter country
An extra financial benefit
Area set aside for public recreation
One of the Gospels
Female horse
A man or boy
Four letter country
A grain used for brewing
Spar that supports the sails
Roman Catholic service
A girl or young woman
Four letter country
Falls behind
Cuts down trees
Company's trademark or symbol
Four letter country
Roman garment
**** **** **** (war film)
Pulled apart by force
Quality or character of sound
A melody or song
A hollow cylinder
Solid having six equal square faces
Four letter country
Chicago baseball team
Severs with a knife
Hints for actors
Amounts owing or owed
Musical composition for two
Hard waxy fat
Latin, literally: let it stand
The stalk of a flower
Appear to be
To abound or swarm
A group of players
Streetcar or trolley car
Small unit of weight
Your parent's mother (informal)
Second largest city in Algeria
Four letter country

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