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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Leotychidas is caught _________ a bribeA
The ______ of CumaeB
Persians besiege ____ of PotidaeaC
Zhou _______ ChinaD
First recorded eruption of Mt. ____E
Aristides' _____ of 30 shipsF
_____-Persian WarsG
Leotychidas' _____ is razed to the groundH
Athenian attack on the ______ of SkyrosI
Tarentines and Rhegines ____ forcesJ
____ Battus IV of CyreneK
Euboea become member of Delian ______L
Lydia in Asia _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Pausanias, ______ of Leonidas IN
Mardonius attacks Athens ____ moreO
The Persians: ____ written by AeschylusP
Duke Dao of ___Q
Hostilities between ____ and VeiiR
Taras _____ an alliance with RhegionS
Pausanias is acquitted of _______T
Greek maritime cities _____ Spartan control U
Greek poet Pindar ______ SicilyV
Persians ___ support from western ArcadiaW
__________: his name means Yellow HorseX
State of Wu annexed by State of ___Y
Temple of ____ construction beginsZ
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