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Can you name the 450s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Temple of Theseus is built in ______A
The ______ of Mons Algidus B
City-states allowed to mint own _____C
Myron's bronze statue: The ______ ThrowerD
Ducetius flees into _____ (to Corinth)E
City of Jinyang is severely _______F
Naval expedition in the ____ of CorinthG
Cimon sails to Cyprus with two _______ triremesH
The ______ of Aegina I
Achaean cities ____ Delian LeagueJ
____ PleistoanaxK
Inaros: Egyptian rebel ______L
Nine _____ high Athena bronzeM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Athenians cut off in the ____ DeltaN
Corinthian _____ appears (Greek architecture)O
Euripides earliest known ____ (a tragedy)P
Lucius _________ CincinnatusQ
Persian ____ in Egypt is restored R
Hostilities around the Tyrrhenian ___S
Sicilian ____ of Morgantina is destroyedT
Civil ________ in the Cypriot Greek citiesU
Corinthian _______ at HaliesisV
Long _____ built around port city of PiraeusW
27th (_____) dynasty EgyptX
Kimon negotiates five ____ truce with SpartaY
Temple of ____ in Olympia is finishedZ

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