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Can you name the 440s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Temple to Athena Nike on the _________A
The ______ of CorbioneB
Greek ____-states make peace with PersiaC
Cleandridas flees and is condemned to _____D
Ducetius returns from (his) _____E
Pericles sails his _____ to SamosF
Nehemiah, ________ of JudeaG
Herodotus completes his nine book '_______'H
Tolmides marches his troops ____ BoeotiaI
Megara _____ the revolt against AthensJ
Pleistoanax, the ____ of SpartaK
Trebonius introduces ___ Trebonia (law)L
______ section of Athens Long Walls completedM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Aequi of _____-east LatiumN
______ of Delphi restored to PhocisO
Sophocles writes the ____ AntigoneP
Samos ________ with MiletusQ
A famine strikes in ____R
The Spear Bearer _______ (made by Polykleitos)S
The Law of the ______ TablesT
An ________ against the DecemvirateU
Euripides' first _______ in a dramatic festivalV
Acragas declares ___ on SyracuseW
27th (_____) Egyptian dynastyX
Athenian's ostracise Thucydides for 10 _____Y
____ Dynasty of ChinaZ

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