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Can you name the 430s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Spartan ____ loots Attica A
The ______ of SybotaB
Anaxagoras tries to square the ______C
Land sacred to (goddess) _______ violatedD
Empedocles elements: _____, fire, water and airE
Archestratus' _____ sails for PotidaeaF
____ of Corinth entrance blockedG
3 Goddesses frieze: ______, Dione and AphroditeH
Archidamus II _______ AtticaI
Summer solstice on 27 ____ (Meton of Athens)J
Maelius is ______ by Gaius Servilius K
______ Quinctius CincinnatusL
Nymphodorus _______ Sitalkes' sisterM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Parthenon is completed after ____ years N
Temple of Zeus at _______O
Medea (play) wins third _____ at the DionysiaP
A _______ of Athenians die of plagueQ
Severe famine affects ____, ItalyR
Rhegium: _____-west Italy S
Perdiccas challenges Perdiccas for the ______T
Corinthians are _____ by Athens' actionsU
Pericles ______ the Black SeaV
Second Peloponnesian ___W
_____ (27th) Egyptian dynastyX
Marquis __ of Zeng Y
Warring States phase of ____ DynastyZ

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