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Can you name the 410s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Attica, on the ______ SeaA
Laches, is killed in ______B
Carthage's supply of silver and ______ cut offC
Alcibiades is condemned to _____D
Agis II _______ from his burning houseE
Agathon wins _____ prize at the LenaiaF
Pharnabazus marches to the _____ of AthensG
The Council of Four _______H
The ______ of Melos is takenI
Lydia and Caria ____ forces with SpartaJ
____ Perdiccas IIK
______ Furius MedullinusL
Persia is given freedom in western Asia _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Agis II attacks Argos from the _____N
Argos changes from democracy to an _________O
Euripides' ____ Electra is performedP
Theramenes fails to _____ Piraeus mutinyQ
Clazomenae _______ against AthensR
Alcibiades ______ trial (for profanity)S
Peace ______ of Nicias T
Archelaus murders his _____ and cousinU
Athenians ____ to build a new fleetV
The Peloponnesian ___W
Twenty-seventh (_____) Dynasty of EgyptX
Cyrus the _______Y
Duke ____ of Song (China)Z

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