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Can you name the 40s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
_______ and Morocco become Roman provincesA
Domitius _______-in-law of Caligula B
Cauci pirates ravage the Gallic _____C
Mongolian Steppes _______ causes famine D
Pliny the _____ sees military serviceE
Philo teaches all men are born ____F
Caligula assassinated by Praetorian _____G
Ananias becomes a ____ priest in JudaeaH
Boudicca marries Prasutagus of the _____ tribeI
Agrippa II invested in _________ (city)J
____Togodumnus of the CatuvellauniK
Roman Londinium (______) establishedL
Chinese general __ YuanM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Caligula ______ of TiberiusN
207th _______ GamesO
St. ____ starts his evangelistic workP
Germanic _____ tribeQ
Lighthouse built on _____ bank of the TiberR
Census shows ___ million Roman citizensS
Guang Wudi (Kouang Wou-__)T
Traiectum fortification: _______ (Netherlands)U
Trung Sisters Nam ____ in VietnamV
Messalina, ____ of ClaudiusW
_______ and the Xianbei nomadsX
Seneca the _______Y
James the Great: son of _______Z

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