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Can you name the 400s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Alcibiades takes refuge in ____ MinorA
Siddhārtha Gautama (also known as ______)B
____ of Himera is destroyedC
Theramenes killed (by ________ poison)D
___ and omega added to Ionian alphabetE
Lysander's _____ blockades PiraeusF
Catapult invented by _____ engineersG
Athens weakened by plague and ______H
Carthaginians occupy ______ of MaltaI
Partition of (State of) ___, ChinaJ
____ Pausanias of SpartaK
Roman's begin decade-____ siege against VeiiL
Syracuse _____ peace with the CarthaginiansM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Cunaxa, situated due _____ of BabylonN
_____ culture in Mesoamerica endsO
Sophocles' ____ Oedipus at ColonusP
_____ Parysatis of PersiaQ
Amyrtaeus leads a ______ against PersiaR
Agesilaus II: ____-brother of Agis IIS
______-eighth DynastyT
Amyrtaeus gains control of _____ EgyptU
Spartans gain _______ in Battle of ArginusaeV
Peloponnesian ___ endsW
________'s 'Ten Thousand'X
Cyrus the _______Y
____ an wang of ChinaZ

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