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Poehler or SchumerA
What 12-year-old Josh Baskin becameB
Garfield, Tom or SylvesterC
Scrappy or ScoobyD
He passed through the Candy Cane forestE
Tina: actress, comedian, writerF
Comic effect or remarkG
Some Like It ___H
___ have what she's havingI
Sporcle categoryJ
Sit Com: Kenan & ___K
Internet method to denote amusementL
I'm a ___ - half man, half dog (Spaceballs)M
Person of wealth; a noblemanN
Luke Wilson/Juliette Lewis: ___ SchoolO
Mr Hankey: the Christmas ___P
Stephen Fry showsQ
The Legend of ___ BurgundyR
Sit Com: 3rd Rock from the ___S
Father ___ or ___ MosbyT
Stand ___: George Carlin and Chris RockU
Meat and two-___V
Scottish word for small or littleW
Letters to replace 'a very' rude word X
Sit Com: Mad About ___Y

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