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Volcanic dischargeA
Body of shoreline waterB
Pass between mountain peaksC
Barrier constructed to contain water flowD
Flow of the tideE
Low-lying wet landF
Former Portuguese colonyG
___ spot: where magma rises fromH
___ floeI
Extend out from the cliffJ
Box of symbols used on a mapK
___ Angeles or MochisL
___slide or ___ flow M
Compass directionN
Mineral that contains metalO
Excavation for extracting stoneP
Qatar's ISO country codeQ
Flooded lower valley of a riverR
Expanse of salt waterS
Rocky peakT
World's fourth biggest countryU
___ Thunen modelV
Pennine ___ or Milky ___W
Coordinate system variablesX
Japanese currencyY
Zimbabwe's ISO country codeZ

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