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Can you name the three-letter words (and acronyms) ending in 'F'?

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___ WiedersehenA
Swiss Franc currency codeC
Dutch truck manufacturerD
Legolas for instanceE
As loud as can be playedF
Graphics Interchange FormatG
Highest Common FactorH
International Monetary FundI
Peanut butter (or lemon juice) brandJ
22nd letter of Hebrew alphabetK
Leap of faithL
Medium-density fibreboardM
Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretakN
Not onO
Portable Document FormatP
Quality assurance frameworkQ
Football game officialR
The wife of ThorS
The Ultimate FighterT
Old Norse name for 'wolf' U
Volume of fluidV
World Wide FundW
Central African franc currency codeX
Young Entrepreneur FoundationY
Zero insertion forceZ

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