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Can you name the three-letter words (and acronyms) ending in 'C'?

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Portion of a circleA
Flat-bottomed boatB
300 in Roman numerals C
12th month of the yearD
Organization of European countriesE
Suffix forming adjectivesF
Greek ISO Country codeG
Drunken expressionH
Monsters ___ (movie)I
Japan Gasoline Co.J
Fast food restaurant chainK
Resinlike substanceL
Waterproof raincoatM
Japanese IT providerN
Goblin-like creatureO
Bodybuilding muscleP
Latin: as was asked to be constructedQ
Mythical birdR
Dry (Of wine)S
Involuntary muscular contractionT
Your auntie's husbandU
Informal term for carpet cleanerV
Wrestling governing bodyW
UK new wave rock bandX
Yucat√°n abbreviationY
Efron or GoldsmithZ

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