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Can you name the 390s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Gothic leaders terrorize ____ Minor A
Martin of Tours, ______ and saintB
Jin Xiaowudi murdered by his _________C
The Huns cross the frozen River ______D
Rufinus, Praetorian prefect of the ____E
The _____ Council of ToledoF
Greek Olympic _____ are abolishedG
Augustine of _____H
Battle of Frigidus, Northern _____I
Emperor Nintoku of _____J
The ____ Sutra revised by VatsyayanaK
Christians sack the _______ of AlexandriaL
Fa-Hien, Chinese Buddhist ____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
___ Testament translated to Latin (Jerome)N
The '_____ of Monks' (The Parabalani)O
____ Anastasius IP
Chen GuinĂ¼, _____ consort of Jin XiaowudiQ
School of Gladiators closed in ____R
_____ Martin of ToursS
The ______ of Eleusis destroyedT
Eugenius, Roman _______ diesU
The Vestal ______ are disbandedV
The Huns (the ______ of the North)W
Lan Han, official of the _______ stateX
Nine ____ old Honorius proclaimed co-emperorY
____ Zhao 'Heavenly Prince'Z

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