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Can you name the 390s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Agesilaus II campaigns in ____ MinorA
The ______ of the AlliaB
Athens, Thebes, _______ and Argos allianceC
The Tollund Man (approximate ____)D
Hakor Pharaoh of _____E
Agesilaus sails his _____ to CoroneaF
Amyntas III _____-grandson of Alexander IG
Socrates dies by drinking _______H
Admiral Conon seizes ______ of RhodesI
Iphicrates' peltasts (_______ throwers)J
Archelaus I is ______ during a huntK
Brennus, ______ of the SenonesL
Queen Parysatis, the ______ of CyrusM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Aristophanes' ___ comedy 'The Ecclesiazusae'N
Kyniska first woman to win an _______ eventO
_____ publishes his ApologiaP
_______ Fabius AmbustusQ
Cisalpine Gauls attack on ____R
Isocrates sets up a ______ of rhetoricS
______ of Aesculapius is builtT
Pausanias reclaims Spartan bodies (_____ a truce)U
_______ for Dionysius against CarthageV
The Corinthian ___ beginsW
Nefaarud I founds Twenty-ninth (____) DynastyX
10 ____ siege ends at VeiiY
King An of ____, ChinaZ

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