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Can you name the 380s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
_________ of Hippo converts to ChristianityA
Ticonius' commentary on the ____ of RevelationB
Theodosius I extends the Nicene _____C
Xie Xuan, of the Jin _______D
Hotu Matu'a fortifies ______ IslandE
Synod is held in Bordeaux, ______F
Saint Syrus, Bishop of _____ (Italy)G
The Scirii ally themselves with the ____H
Rock of Cashel is built in _______I
____ Chrysostom becomes a deaconJ
Chimnyu, king of Baekje (_____)K
Jerome's Bible translation (_____ Vulgate)L
Gratian moves capital to _____ (Italy)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Closure of pagan temples (____ Valley, Egypt)N
Last reported _______ athleteO
____ Damasus I diesP
_____ Mavia of the TanukhQ
Siricius, elected as Bishop of ____R
Basilica of _____ Paul rebuiltS
Theodosius I signs Armenian peace ______T
Peasant _______ in AntiochU
________ chieftain Fritigern diesV
Hadrian's ____ is overrun by the PictsW
__ Zuochi, Jin Dynasty historianX
Ardashir II dies after a 4-____ reignY
Copper extraction: Zaire and ______ borderZ

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