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Can you name the 380s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Pelopidas flees to ______ , GreeceA
Cleombrotus I succeeds his _______B
Chinese ____ of Handan is foundedC
Bardyllis establishes the Bardyllian _______D
Rich style in Greece comes to an ___E
Evagoras' naval _____ is destroyedF
Agesilaus II crosses the ____ of CorinthG
Sparta strengthens its ____ on central Greece H
Persians invade the ______ of CyprusI
Capitoline Games in honor of _______ (god)J
Thrasybulus is ______ by raidersK
Dionysius I's brother-in-___ DionL
Democritus' _____ Way hypothesis M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Twenty-_____ dynasty of EgyptN
Demosthenes, Greek statesman and ______O
_____ forms his AcademyP
Chinese military general Wu __Q
Tusculum revolts against ____R
Nefaarud II, ___ of HakorS
Jason of Pherae: the ______ of ThessalyT
Cyprus remains _____ Persian controlU
Salamis: ______ king of PersiaV
Corinthian ___ finishesW
Duke ____ succeeds Chuzi IIX
19 ____ Babylonian lunar cycle introducedY
Chinese state of ____Z

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