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Can you name the 370s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Valens ________ (971 meters) inauguratedA
The ______ of the WillowsB
Ninth recorded passage of Halley's _____C
Earliest extant books preserved in ______ sandsD
Theodosius the _____, Roman generalE
______ in Moesia (thousands starve)F
Samudragupta the _____G
Niall becomes ____ King of IrelandH
The Gupta Empire (_____)I
____ Chrysostom baptisedJ
Traianus, Roman general______ in battle)K
Huns use _____ cavalry (horse archers)L
________ between Roman and barbarian bannedM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Macrina the Younger, Christian ___N
Wine and olive ___ import banO
____ Damasus I is accused of adulteryP
Wang Men of the Former ___Q
Buddhism declared Chinese state ________R
_____thrower Owl, emperor of TeotihuacanS
First two Korean Buddhist _______ builtT
Firmus, Roman _______U
Huns migrate westward from _____ RiverV
Goths try to scale Adrianople city _____W
___ An and Wang TanzhiX
Sima __ installed as Jin JianwendiY
Saint ____ of VeronaZ

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