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Can you name the 370s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
______ allies itself with ThebesA
Cleombrotus I, killed in ______B
Megalopolis, _______ city of ArcadiaC
Dionysius I' suffers crushing ______ at CroniumD
Nectanebo I, Pharaoh of _____E
The _____ magistrates of the boeotarchF
_____ city of Helike destroyed by tsunamiG
Agesipolis II succeeds ___ fatherH
The ______ of NaxosI
_____ of Pherae (ruler of Thessaly)J
____ Amyntas III of MacedoniaK
Sparta suppresses the Chalcidian ______L
Pelopidas is ____ leader of the Sacred BandM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Mago II of Carthage (_____ Africa)N
_______ Games equestrian eventsO
_____ treaty of AntalcidasP
_____ Eurydice of MacedonQ
Servian Wall is constructed around ____R
Corn-ships blockaded on the Black ___S
______ of Apollo (Delphi) destroyedT
Egypt back _____ Persian ruleU
Chabrias wins naval _______ for AthensV
Theban-Spartan ___W
Duke ____ of QinX
___, Marquis of TianY
____ Lie Wang of ChinaZ

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