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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Town of Kos founded on the ______ SeaA
Perdiccas III: _______ of Alexander IIB
Thebes captures the ____ of OropusC
King Hui of the Wei _______D
Period of Theban domination comes to an ___E
Teos succeeds his ______ Nectanebo IF
_____ philosopher and scientist, AristotleG
Epaminondas builds fleet of a _______ triremesH
Artaxerxes II ______ a peace edict I
Athens, Sparta, and Egypt ____ forcesJ
Pelopidas ______ in battleK
Iphicrates fights for his father-in-___ Cotys IL
Gan De discovers the ____ Ganymede*M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Timophanes _____ himself master of CorinthN
Perdiccas III becomes ruler in his ___ rightO
_____'s Republic is completedP
Macedonian _____ Eurydice IIQ
Gauls again reach the gates of ____R
Epaminondas marches _____ to MesseniaS
______ to Concordia is builtT
Athenian forces (_____ Timotheus) overrun SamosU
Epaminonda gains _______, but is killedV
Civil ___ in the Arcadian leagueW
Duke ____ of QinX
Dionysius the _______Y
States of Qin, Han and ____Z

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