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ClueMissing WordA-Z
St _______'s relics taken to ConstantinopleA
The ______ of MursaB
Constantius II elevates his ______ to CaesarC
1st definite date Christmas celebrated (___ 25th)D
Armenian scorched _____ policyE
Chinese emperor __ JiànF
Shapur II the _____G
Constantius II shuts all ________ templesH
Magnentius flees to Aquileia (northern _____)I
Emperor Nintokur of _____J
Saran, ____ of UlsterK
Imperial _______ of Constantinople's scriptoriumL
Colonia Agrippinensium besieged for ten ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Liberius' ______ Creed documentN
___ St. Peter's Basilica, VaticanO
____ Liberius begins his reignP
Earth_____ strikes Nicaea (Turkey)Q
Arbitio becomes a _____ consulR
Anthony dies at his Red ___ hermitageS
Claudius Silvanus, accused of _______T
Barbarians cross the _____ RhineU
Constantius II decides to ______ RomeV
Wei-Jie ___ breaks outW
General ___ AiX
Murong Chui, founder of Later ___Y
Emperor Shi ___ is killedZ

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