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Can you name the 340s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Constantine II crosses the ____A
Jin Kangdi succeeds his _______B
Supposed death of Nicolas of Myra (Santa _____)C
Yu Liang, general of the Jin _______D
Large __________ strikes CyprusE
Constans I begins campaign against the _____F
__ Hong (also known as Ko Hung)G
Original _____ Sophia is dedicatedH
Knai Thomman visits Malabar Coast (_____)I
Emperor Nintoku of _____J
Gogugwon, ____ of Goguryeo K
Xiao Wenshou, of the ___ Song DynastyL
Roman senate abolishes gay ________M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Mou-jong take control of _____ ChinaN
Jin Mudi, age ___, succeeds his fatherO
____ of Thebes, Christian hermitP
______ Aurelius Symmachus bornQ
Western and Eastern _____ empiresR
Constans I bans pagan __________S
Eustorgius' relics of the _____ MagiT
Julius I tries to _____ the Western bishopsU
Adiabene: ______ kingdom of Armenia V
Constantinople becomes largest city in the _____W
___ Xuan, general of the Jin DynastyX
Evangelism among the Goths for seven _____Y
Emperor ___ diesZ

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