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Can you name the 340s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Greater temples of ______ and DemeterA
Roman state extends into ___ of NaplesB
Artaxerxes' commander-in-_____ General BagoasC
Town of Pelusium on the Nile _____D
Dionysius II forced into _____E
Sidon besieged by Persian ______F
_____ philosopher, AristotleG
Idrieus and ___ sister AdaH
Kydonia on the ______ of CreteI
Emperor Kōan of _____J
____ Hanno the GreatK
Philip II ____ siege of ByzantiumL
Philip II of _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Speusippus, ______ of PlatoN
Timoleon gains victory against overwhelming ____O
Dionysius II restored to _____ in SyracuseP
State of __ defeats the state of WeiQ
Timoleon spreads his ____ over SicilyR
Philocrates peace treaty is ______S
Aeschines indicted for _______T
Rhodes come _____ attack from PersiaU
Battle of (Mount) ________, ItalyV
First Samnite ___ endsW
__________ of ChalcedonX
Pixodarus: ________ son of HecatomnusY
________ of NumidiaZ

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