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Can you name the 330s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Che Hou's sons try to ___________ himA
_____ translated into the Gothic languageB
______ of Holy Sepulchre initiatedC
He Fani of the Jin _______D
_______ Shi HuE
Free distribution of ____ in ConstantinopleF
Constantine reauthorises ____________ combatG
Alexandrian priest Arius declared a _______H
Chandragupta I of _____I
Nintoku, ruler of _____J
Rhescuporis V, ____ of BosporusK
__ Xiong of Cheng HanL
St. ____ elected Catholic PopeM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Dalmatius (______ of Constantine I)N
Bridge constructed ____ the DanubeO
Murong Huang: The ______ of YanP
Li __ of the Ba-Di stateQ
Constantine : ___ Regum (King of Kings)R
Arius collapses in the ______ and dies S
Korea's _____ Kingdoms PeriodT
Dalmatius raised to Caesar by his _____U
Four month papal _______V
Work on Hadrian's ____ abandonedW
Duke _____ of LiaodongX
Constantine's ________ son ConstansY
Shi Hong of the Later ____Z

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